"...nothing short of a musical masterpiece. One of the most poetic lyricists writing today..."
- Tony Tedeschi, Music Columnist, AOL's patch.com


Liberating Your Creative Voice

I believe in the power of education, the importance of mentoring, and the responsibility each of us has to our empower others in our own communities and beyond. 

That’s why, when over the years I’ve been asked to lead songwriting workshops for Guitar Workshop Plus, the Honey Jam, Elaine Overholt’s Big Voice Studios, the Singing Competition, and, since 2016, ‘Lyric Writing 1’ in the Independent Songwriting and Performance Program at Seneca College, I’ve jumped at the opportunity. 

Photo courtesy of HoneyJam.com

My goal in these workshops has always been to:

  • Enable and empower you to own and speak your truth (because it’s my belief that only by speaking and owning your truth you can begin to write songs that really resonate with others)
  • Introduce you to basic song structure and effective lyric forms and techniques 
  • Show you how to edit your work to make it better ‘say what you want’
  • Become more comfortable expressing yourself
  • Remind you of the importance of empathy and community 
  • Collaborate effectively and productively
  • Believe in the importance of your story and your purpose

For more information, individual, group or corporate rates, and availability, please email us here.

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